Monday, June 15, 2009


There are many new armors in AQW. A few of these are holiday armors that you shouldn't have missed. A few of these armors involve you talking to Quibbler the time traveling moglin. And he even has a full set of items, one of these sets you can obtain is Full Spartan, unfortunately you will need to be a member and have a few AQ coins to purchase the items and when you do. you'll be shining like Achilles in battle. Or you can get the non-member version which is not as glorious but it is still very awesome!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey Guys!

I KNOW IT is a long time since I creeated this blog and your wondering, "Andrew Z., what's your problem?" 

OK, I haven't posted a single thing. NOt a guide, not a gaming tip. So heres the deal--- We're now hiring a new member! If you want, you have to sign in to gmail (if you have one) or sign up via this URL:

And commet to this post telling your email adress. I will send an email to you, and KABOOM!!! You're in! 

I created a new blog. BUSY!!!!!! Here it is:

Now hiring members for these!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soldier Front

I haven't played this game yet, but from a few reviews of some friends of mine, it sounds pretty good. And when I searched up for some graphic images, I can tell you it is really good! It just like Counterstrike in a crappier mode yet it is still free.Play it! But I warn you have to download it and it's not guaranteed to be virus free! Download now at

Saturday, April 25, 2009


On Club Penguin I got a Puffle. Puffles are small furry creatures that u can get on CP, in the Pet Shop at the Plaza. They cost like 800 coins, which might waste ur money. Non-members can hav only 2, but members can hav all the way up 2 16 puffles.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Thumbnail Picture

Clothing update! Here's what like look like now up there. Ain't it cool to hav sunglasses and a belt! Millions of people hav either customised the glasses from me, the hat and stuff. One time a dude coustomized everything!!! Get urs now if u see someone wearing this gear or if u see me. My ranking is now 2 stars.
 Note the label is realtion ship because our clothes r "related" haha :D

We arent just gamers, u know!

We aren't just gamers. We sometimes post about gadgets

New post on Poptropica Creators Blog!!!

Yo! Check this out!!!

New post on the poptropica creators blog''

I believe this is an astroknights sneak peek, because it is written by Hazmat Hermit, a creator that usually does Astroknights sneak peeks. U can actually see him up at the meteor in Super Power island.