Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poptropican Interview: Popular Bones (My Brother!)

Aah, my Poptropican brother! My Poptropica character's name is Green Bones. His name is Popular Bones. I wish I could tell him that we're related.

First Name: Popular
Last Name: Bones
Battle Ranking: 1/5

I wanted to challenge my brother into a game of Balloons (Connect 4), because that's the kind of "battle" they have in chat rooms, but he was always reluctant to. Some thing he inherited from me. Chat rooms are awesome, but I was always reluctant to get in them. If you see Popular Bones in a chat room, if u can, be sure to chat to him and tell him you know a boy named Green Bones and he might be your older/younger brother. Want to see my stats?:

First Name: Green
Last Name: Bones (some weird name)
Battle Ranking: 3.5/5
Hair: Black
Clothing: Blue cape, Blue shirt, Blue pants, smiling, and sometimes wears a turban

If you see me come by at a chatroom, be sure I'm around, because I'm so going to interview you sometime!


Now our main game we focus on is Poptropica! It is like RuneScape, but you don't fight people, and you can't interact with other people playing too, unless you go in a chat room.

Right now I will do something called "Poptropican Interview" and tell you the latest news in the chat rooms! I will give you quest help.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, yeah, i play RuneScape....

Still on tutorial island WOrld 1

It is lame...

Zoda, could you post something about Endless War 3? People might be eager 2 find out!


this is kind of lame!
you guys should play Endless War 3
 just search it up on google!
It's real fun!