Monday, June 15, 2009


There are many new armors in AQW. A few of these are holiday armors that you shouldn't have missed. A few of these armors involve you talking to Quibbler the time traveling moglin. And he even has a full set of items, one of these sets you can obtain is Full Spartan, unfortunately you will need to be a member and have a few AQ coins to purchase the items and when you do. you'll be shining like Achilles in battle. Or you can get the non-member version which is not as glorious but it is still very awesome!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey Guys!

I KNOW IT is a long time since I creeated this blog and your wondering, "Andrew Z., what's your problem?" 

OK, I haven't posted a single thing. NOt a guide, not a gaming tip. So heres the deal--- We're now hiring a new member! If you want, you have to sign in to gmail (if you have one) or sign up via this URL:

And commet to this post telling your email adress. I will send an email to you, and KABOOM!!! You're in! 

I created a new blog. BUSY!!!!!! Here it is:

Now hiring members for these!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soldier Front

I haven't played this game yet, but from a few reviews of some friends of mine, it sounds pretty good. And when I searched up for some graphic images, I can tell you it is really good! It just like Counterstrike in a crappier mode yet it is still free.Play it! But I warn you have to download it and it's not guaranteed to be virus free! Download now at

Saturday, April 25, 2009


On Club Penguin I got a Puffle. Puffles are small furry creatures that u can get on CP, in the Pet Shop at the Plaza. They cost like 800 coins, which might waste ur money. Non-members can hav only 2, but members can hav all the way up 2 16 puffles.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Thumbnail Picture

Clothing update! Here's what like look like now up there. Ain't it cool to hav sunglasses and a belt! Millions of people hav either customised the glasses from me, the hat and stuff. One time a dude coustomized everything!!! Get urs now if u see someone wearing this gear or if u see me. My ranking is now 2 stars.
 Note the label is realtion ship because our clothes r "related" haha :D

We arent just gamers, u know!

We aren't just gamers. We sometimes post about gadgets

New post on Poptropica Creators Blog!!!

Yo! Check this out!!!

New post on the poptropica creators blog''

I believe this is an astroknights sneak peek, because it is written by Hazmat Hermit, a creator that usually does Astroknights sneak peeks. U can actually see him up at the meteor in Super Power island. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ratings and Reviews, and Copyright Policy

Poptropica--- rating and review 3 out of 5. Poptropica is just some modified version of most adventure games without much action or battle. Plus, the new quests (islands) are just able to be released like 6 months and almost no fun is on that game. Seems a little boring, overall OK.

Club Penguin--- 4 out of 5. Not some OK little game like Poptropica. U can upgrade 2 members for like $50-70, but on Nintendo DS (this is a computer AND DS game), u can upgrade 2 members 4 free. The little boredom is that theres not always alot to play. Usually if u want 2 by stuff u hav 2 hav special policys or required membership, so really I guess u wasted time playing minigames, earning coins and ur money. I heard there r quests, but I don't know how to get those. 30 days old-can become secret agent, with available missions. 

Travian-- 2 out of 5. Doesn't make much sense. OK game. 

Poptropica Links!

Guess what: This blog got approved by the Poptropica Links Site. TO approve yours, go to and then click blogroll. If u hav a site about Poptropica help, go approve yours by commenting to the blogroll page. In a few days they will say site approved.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Recently POptropica has t shirts online on Get them now by going to and search poptropica t shirts. \\new ones come friday

Monday, April 20, 2009

Halo Wars

Here is a quick review about HALO WARS, this is actually based on what I heard.

Well, Halo Wars from my point of view sounds stupid. It's just like Star Craft in a mega crappy version. Well, first of all, games like that on the XBOX 360 is just retarded. And it's just like "You build ships, action!" No shooting in 2nd person which really is lame, because the best of the best games on the XBOX 360 are all shooters, such as COD4, COD5, Halo3!

Game ratings?

These are the ratings for some the games I suggested!

Kotar: 8 out of 10, it is a good game, but sometimes it can get a little laggy and has a few bugs. And the controls are a little complicated.

Star Craft: 10 out of 10, the controls may take a while to memorize but if you have played this type of game before, it will be easy. And the graphics are breath-taking!

Runescape: 7 out of 8, the plot is very adventurous but the graphics are slightly not as good as most games.

Maplestory: 9.5 out of 10, the graphics are awesome and the controls are very complicated yet it makes the game a lot more exciting. but the downloads and weekly uploads make it very somewhat annoying.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Club Penguin

A virtual world of penguins. Search it on google and it is the 1st one.

Today is the easter egg hunt on clubpenguin dont miss it

Saturday, April 11, 2009

activation code

once u hav completed the travian login thingy...

U must enter ur activation code and then u can log in.

enter ur password... u will then be transported 2 travian online!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

POptropica Creator Blog

I am a little busy with guides 2 quest help, and the older posts were from when I kept changing blog names. SO don't view the posts from 2008. The Poptropica creators blog (the official site of POptropica) is this site:


A new game discovered:

There's this video game called Call of Duty World @ War that I don't have. Friends hav told me it is awesome. If u want 2 rate this game (max limit 5 stars) comment 2 this post on ur rating and give it a review.

Territory War--- Go 2, click on Action Games, and it should be one of them. The actual location of Endless War 3 is also on Click on RPG games, scroll down & click View All, and it should be one of them. My Rating: 4 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

About the Blog Team

Andrew Zhao--- The founder and creator of this website. I am a big computer fanatic and many of u may have known me.  I have done some research in gaming, but I'm not a big pro on it.

Zoda-- Andrew's neighbor, assistant, and big gaming pro. He knows all these big games like Travian and AQ Worlds and stuff. He works on another blog, full of books. Visit his site at

This set up should not be so advanced, but all of ur comments can't have offensive language or anything that has nothing 2 do with gaming. Also, u can give away Poptropica accounts, but only if u don't want them or if u created them just 2 put here. U can't come up with nasty tricks like this:

Someone says "Give me ur account and I'll show u a cool cheat." U shouldn't say yes, because if u do, that person might hack ur account and u can't retrieve it. 

I repeat: No offenisve language! It's ok 4 shortenings like I did (e.g.-- u for you, 4 instead of for, 2 for to) or abbreviations like pop (poptropica) and PAB (POptropica Advice Blog). U can hav some spelling errors in your coments though, like Poptropika, but u hav 2 make sure other people can read ur account. No bad words like h***, s***, f***ing, with those * simbols that make it like a bad word. No cursing, no stuff like,"I sware that u destroyed my account", "U suck on Poptropica", "U must sacrifice urself 2 give an account" and "U will dread 4ever."

If u want 2 make a response 2 a comment, u must write at first Response 2 (name's) comment. If the person wrote more than 1 comment, write, Response 2 (name)'s (#) comment. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

games to play (just 2)

If you want to play any games, you can go to

ALso visit Zoda's site to play monthly games at!!

Also you can go to to download the game ROhan! You need a new game client... I'm trying to get that thing telling you about it out of the way....

A popular site:

If you have suggestions, email me at or Zoda! Bye!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old, But Good...

Many of the old games are better than the new ones. This would include Kotor and Starcraft.
Though it is old, Kotor (Star Wars, Knight of the Old Republic) is still a very good game. Though its graphic may not be the best and is a bit pixilated, the game is still played by many people. This games' story line starts when you wake up in a ship as a Republic trooper. But as you get deeper into the game, you have to make decisions that will bring you the light side of the Jedi or the dark side of the Sith. And farther into the game you become a Jedi or a Sith with a powerful lightsaber.
Starcraft on the other hand, is a strategy game, where you move and create units to annihilate you opponents and rule the battlefield. In the game, you can choose between 3 powerful races, the Terran (Human), Protoss (Advanced Race of Aliens with Future Earth Technology), Zerg (A Dangerous Group of Aliens That Breed Simple But Devastating Creatures). The game also includes many missions too. And you get to make custom games and maps. You can even play online against your fellow friends. And this game was made by the future creators of Warcraft 3, a nowaday famous strategy game made by Blizzard.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good game suggestions...

Below are a list a good games I suggest, in parenthesis is the type of game

For PC...
Starcraft (Strategy) Buy it!
Warcraft 3 (Strategy) Buy it!
Maplestory (MMORPG) Download it for free at
Runescape (MMORPG) Play it immediately, Java needed, play at
Travian (Online Strategy) Play it immediately, no programs needed, play at or
Endless War 3 (Shooting, Skyview) Play it immediately, search it up on, it is the first result
Boxhead (Shooting, Skyview) Play it immediately, search it up on, any of them games are good

For Wii...
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Multiplayer Fighting) Buy it!
Mario Kart Wii (Multiplayer Racing) Buy it!

For X-Box 360...
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (First Player Shooting) Buy it!
Call of Duty 3, 4, 5 (First Player Shooting) Buy it!
Halo 3 (First Player Shooting) Buy it!
NEW!Halo Wars (?) Buy it!
Counter Strike (First Player Shooting) Buy it!

For PS3...
Unfortunately none, if you have any suggestions, please add them to the comments list, thank you!

For Nintendo DS...
Mario Kart DS (Racing) Buy it!
Pokemon Diamond or Pearl (Misc...) Buy it!

If you have any suggestions please add them to the comment list! THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poptropican Interview: Popular Bones (My Brother!)

Aah, my Poptropican brother! My Poptropica character's name is Green Bones. His name is Popular Bones. I wish I could tell him that we're related.

First Name: Popular
Last Name: Bones
Battle Ranking: 1/5

I wanted to challenge my brother into a game of Balloons (Connect 4), because that's the kind of "battle" they have in chat rooms, but he was always reluctant to. Some thing he inherited from me. Chat rooms are awesome, but I was always reluctant to get in them. If you see Popular Bones in a chat room, if u can, be sure to chat to him and tell him you know a boy named Green Bones and he might be your older/younger brother. Want to see my stats?:

First Name: Green
Last Name: Bones (some weird name)
Battle Ranking: 3.5/5
Hair: Black
Clothing: Blue cape, Blue shirt, Blue pants, smiling, and sometimes wears a turban

If you see me come by at a chatroom, be sure I'm around, because I'm so going to interview you sometime!


Now our main game we focus on is Poptropica! It is like RuneScape, but you don't fight people, and you can't interact with other people playing too, unless you go in a chat room.

Right now I will do something called "Poptropican Interview" and tell you the latest news in the chat rooms! I will give you quest help.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, yeah, i play RuneScape....

Still on tutorial island WOrld 1

It is lame...

Zoda, could you post something about Endless War 3? People might be eager 2 find out!


this is kind of lame!
you guys should play Endless War 3
 just search it up on google!
It's real fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009 (The Complete Gamers Log: Day 2)

Today I finally managed to play some games on, actually 3 games:

The object of Orb is simple. You must guide the orb through the level to the goal. You must do this by
simply clicking on the orb and dragging it to the green goal zone.  But, the orb must not hit a wall or you'll have to start again.  You don't always have to carry the orb.  You can drop it and pick it back up again.

The orb is not the only thing you can carry.  There are crates that you can pick up that can be dropped on switches.

Colors:  The orb can change color.  Depending on the color, you can do different things.  The orb will change when it hits color changers.he object of Orb is simple.  You must guide the orb through the level to the goal.  You do this by simply clicking on the orb and dragging it to the green goal zone.  But, the orb cannot hit a wall or else you'll have to start again.  You don't always have to carry the orb.  You can drop it and pick it back up again.

The orb is not the only thing you can carry.  There are crates that you can pick up that can be dropped on switches.

Colors:  The orb can change color.  Depending on the color, you can do different things.  The orb will change when it hits color changers.

Black = normal
Blue = gets bigger

Green = gets smaller

Yellow = can go through yellow walls

Orange = can move some walls


(black square): goal zone   (drop the orb on it to use)

brown square: switch (opens doors [brown rectangles] if dropping the orb on it)

crate: click and drag on it to use

push wall: when orange you can move it out of the way

color wall: need to be the same color to pass

cattcher: stops the orb from moving past

color switch: drop a crate on it to use

Click on the web adress to play Orb 2 now:

Castle Defense:

go to  

for further info

To play castle defense now, go to

Gem Swap 2:

The object of Gem Swap 2 is to destroy gems of the same kind in rows/columns of 3 or more by switching their places with other gems in 1 minute. To play Gem Swap 2, go to

Coffee Shop:

The object of Coffee Shop is to sell cofee to other people while making money. Go to

And that's todays log for Day 2.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Complete Gamer's Log: Day 1

On Spike's Games, I only managed to play a 1 game that doesn't have that Java plugin

Crazy Taxi:

Drive as fast as possible to the flags, while you dodge the cars. Use the arrow keys to steer (the down key, however, slows you down), and press the spacebar to jump

I had the record of Level 5. Sorry, no score! JUST TIME!!! On level 1 they have 30 second and on the next few levels, they take 1 second of your time!!!

P.S--- every time you pass a flag, it's a new level

Spikes Game Zone

This is a website made by the makers of

Hope you all enjoy it!

Note: Some of the games require a Java plug-in. If you don't have that Java plugin, we'll see. I don't know where to get that Java plugin; it is NOT regular java.


Really, I want to continue with the idea of how to use smart phones, but now I ran out of ideas for them.  Besides, the only smart phone I actually am good at using is the iPhone, and it is the only smart phone I have so far. 

And, I can't find any more videos because some of them are 100% permanently removed from Youtube, or temporarily unavailable. I TOTALLY ran out of ideas for my next video comparison (last time I did a speed test iphone vs ipod touch, but it was so crappy!)

So pretty soon, I'm going to change this to "The Complete Gamers Log." Why? I've stopped being a smart phone maniac, so I switched from a smart phone maniac to a gamer. And being a gamer is pretty good, too. 

I Did A Video Comparison With iPhone 3g and Nokia 6030--- without a camera....

I did a video comparison with my iPhone 3g and Nokia 6030...

But why were you thinking, not with my iPod touch?

Because the iPhone 3g and Nokia 6030 have different features, and since the iPhone 3g and iPod touch are both made by Apple, they have the same features. Now that was why I did a video comparison with my iPhone 3g and Nokia 6030.

Now, I guess you are wondering again. Why Nokia 6030? Even though the Nokia 6030 is a pretty crappy and beginner phone as well, you'd think I'd do some other phone to compare it. But the iPhone is the only smart phone I have, so I'd only manage to compare it with that regular Nokia.

But I didn't have a camera, it ran out of batteries, and was still charging and wasn't done charging (yet). So I had to just do it without the camera. That just means, both of my hands are free, but I wouldn't get to see the video comparison when I finished it.