Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introduction (前言)

Hi, my name is Andrew Zhao. The only reason why I want to keep my own CHINESE journal is because I think Chinese is an cool language. Even though I quit Chinese class with my friend Tony, I still go to an after school enrichment class called Hua Cheng. Chinese is OK, just like French is!!! (I don't know a lot of French though)

Chinese Translation (Simplified)
中文翻译 (简体):

你好,我的名字叫赵安筑。为什么我要有一个中文的博客呢?实际上只有这个意思: 因为呢,中文是一个很cool的文话。虽然我不跟我的好朋友,刘若即上华夏中文学校,可是我放学以后就上华成中文学校。中文也还凑活,就像法语!

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