Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old, But Good...

Many of the old games are better than the new ones. This would include Kotor and Starcraft.
Though it is old, Kotor (Star Wars, Knight of the Old Republic) is still a very good game. Though its graphic may not be the best and is a bit pixilated, the game is still played by many people. This games' story line starts when you wake up in a ship as a Republic trooper. But as you get deeper into the game, you have to make decisions that will bring you the light side of the Jedi or the dark side of the Sith. And farther into the game you become a Jedi or a Sith with a powerful lightsaber.
Starcraft on the other hand, is a strategy game, where you move and create units to annihilate you opponents and rule the battlefield. In the game, you can choose between 3 powerful races, the Terran (Human), Protoss (Advanced Race of Aliens with Future Earth Technology), Zerg (A Dangerous Group of Aliens That Breed Simple But Devastating Creatures). The game also includes many missions too. And you get to make custom games and maps. You can even play online against your fellow friends. And this game was made by the future creators of Warcraft 3, a nowaday famous strategy game made by Blizzard.

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