Tuesday, April 7, 2009

About the Blog Team

Andrew Zhao--- The founder and creator of this website. I am a big computer fanatic and many of u may have known me.  I have done some research in gaming, but I'm not a big pro on it.

Zoda-- Andrew's neighbor, assistant, and big gaming pro. He knows all these big games like Travian and AQ Worlds and stuff. He works on another blog, full of books. Visit his site at books-stuff-other.blogspot.com.

This set up should not be so advanced, but all of ur comments can't have offensive language or anything that has nothing 2 do with gaming. Also, u can give away Poptropica accounts, but only if u don't want them or if u created them just 2 put here. U can't come up with nasty tricks like this:

Someone says "Give me ur account and I'll show u a cool cheat." U shouldn't say yes, because if u do, that person might hack ur account and u can't retrieve it. 

I repeat: No offenisve language! It's ok 4 shortenings like I did (e.g.-- u for you, 4 instead of for, 2 for to) or abbreviations like pop (poptropica) and PAB (POptropica Advice Blog). U can hav some spelling errors in your coments though, like Poptropika, but u hav 2 make sure other people can read ur account. No bad words like h***, s***, f***ing, with those * simbols that make it like a bad word. No cursing, no stuff like,"I sware that u destroyed my account", "U suck on Poptropica", "U must sacrifice urself 2 give an account" and "U will dread 4ever."

If u want 2 make a response 2 a comment, u must write at first Response 2 (name's) comment. If the person wrote more than 1 comment, write, Response 2 (name)'s (#) comment. 


Andrew Zhao said...

U can call me Andy or Andrew. Call Zoda Zoda. U can call him TOny if u want 2.

Andrew Zhao said...


sorry about writing the response thingy. best of all u should leave a response notice, or write the persons name. Really u can just say the response out loud-- well be out askin.

indian master said...

cool i want to be a member